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Flowers Name In Hindi And English

20 Flowers Name In Hindi and English List with Images. When you come to write about flowers words are not enough to justify the benefit or beauty of flowers. We use these flowers in various ways sometimes we use flowers to decorate house in event of celebrations. Even we use flowers to pay our respects while praying. Everyone around the world get admire by beauty of these flowers. One of the mostly common flowers we use is rose. flowers name with pictures easy to understand and remember.

There are many varieties of rose. People grow these roses in pots or in their garden. Everyone around the world know about roses. Once in life everyone has use rose flowers to express their love to their loved one. Roses get used to express sorry to love one’s close family and friends. Roses have many other benefits such as people use roses in beauty products skin care. Also rose get used in perfumes. Some people use rose water for cooking, medicine and religious practices. lavender flower get use one of the most.

Flowers Name ( फूल का नाम ) And History

The word flower is originally derived from the name of Italian goddess of flowers, Flora. Without flowers, the earth would have been a duller place. Flowers are the blossom of plant and are associated with youth, beauty and pleasure. Blossoms can state love, console in sorrow, praise in success as well as celebrate relationship. 

20 Flowers Name In Hindi And English

You can find below list of phoolon ke name if you are searching for 1, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 20 flower name in hindi with images. Easy to understand flowers terms in English and Hindi with images

No. English Hindi Flowers
1. Rose गुलाब rose
2. Lotus कमल Lotus Flower
3. Jasmine चमेली jamine flower
4. Sunflower सूरजमुखी sunflower
5. Daisy गुलबहार daisy flower
6. Tulip कन्द पुष्प tulip flower
7. Magnolia चम्पा magnolia flower
8. Lavender लैवेंडर lavender flower
9. Balsam गुल मेहँदी balsam flowers
10. Flax पटसन flax flowers
11. Butterfly Pea अपराजिता butterfly pea flowers
12. Crossandra अबोली crossandra flowers
13. Golden Shower अमलतास golden shower flowers
14. Forest Ghost आँकुरी बाँकुरी forest ghost flowers
15. Yellow Marigold गेंदे का फूल yellow marigold flowers
16. Pot Marigold गुले अशर्फ़ी pot marigold flowers
17. Star Jasmine कुंद पुष्प star jasmine flower
18. Night Blooming Jasmine रात की रानी night blooming jasmine flowers
19. Jasminum Sambac मोगरा jasminum sambac flowers
20. Crape Jasmine चांदनी फूल crape jasmine flowers

10 Flowers Name

10 easy flowers name list in hindi and english with there senctific names for children. Rose, Lotus, Jasmine, Sunflower, Daisy, Flax, Tulip , Yellow Marigold , Balsam , Lavender.

flowers name in hindi


10 Scientific Flowers name in hindi

No. English Hindi Scientific
1. Rose गुलाब Rosa
2. Lotus कमल Nelumbo nucifera
3. Jasmine चमेली  Jasminum
4. Sunflower सूरजमुखी Helianthus
5. Daisy गुलबहार Bellis perennis
6. Tulip कन्द पुष्प Tulipa
7. Magnolia चम्पा Magnolia grandiflora
8. Lavender लैवेंडर  Lavandula
9. Balsam गुल मेहँदी Impatiens
10. Flax पटसन Linum usitatissimum


List Of All Flowers Name

A comprehensive list of floral wonders that includes popular blooms like Roses, vibrant Hibiscus, aromatic Jasmine, and cheerful Marigold. Discover the beauty and diversity of nature’s blossoms, each with its unique charm and significance. Perfect for enthusiasts, gardeners, and nature lovers seeking to learn about various flower names and their characteristics.

No Hindi Name English Name
1 गुलाब Rose
2 सुन्दरी Hibiscus
3 जस्मिन Jasmine
4 मरीगोल्ड Marigold
5 कैलेंडुला Calendula
6 ट्यूलिप Tulip
7 लिली Lily
8 डेजी Daisy
9 सफेदी Chrysanthemum
10 पॉपी Poppy
11 कमल Lotus
12 आपूर्वा Orchid
13 बेला Jasmine
14 पंकज Lotus
15 कुमुदिनी Water Lily
16 गेंदा Marigold
17 कनकम्बर Golden Shower
18 पुष्प Blossom
19 जैस्मिन Jasmine
20 चमेली Jasmine
21 पारिजात Night-flowering Jasmine
22 गुलमोहर Flame Tree
23 रात की रानी Queen of the Night
24 बकूल Mimusops elengi
25 कनकपुष्प Golden Champa
26 कुमुद White Lotus
27 पद्म Lotus
28 धतूरा Datura
29 अबोली Trumpet Flower
30 अकबरी Acacia
31 करवंद Natal Plum
32 आकाशबेल Skybell
33 अफ्रीकन मैरिगोल्ड African Marigold
34 आशिका Carnation
35 अद्भुता Magnolia
36 आबोली Aboli
37 अशोक Saraca indica
38 आपराजिता Eternal Vine
39 बाबूल Acacia
40 बखरबर Carnation
41 बांसुरी Bamboo Orchid
42 बालिका Tulip
43 कर्कटकी Crapemyrtle
44 कामिया Camellia
45 कम्पफर Camphor
46 चम्पक Champak
47 चमेली Chrysanthemum
48 चमेली के फूल Jasmine
49 चंपा Champa
50 चन्दन Sandalwood
51 चुम्बक Magnolia
52 चिमणी China Rose
53 चिमनी China Rose
54 चूल Chrysanthemum
55 चुआन्ग Chrysanthemum
56 चूल फूल Chrysanthemum
57 चूलक Chrysanthemum
58 देसी गुलाब Desi Rose
59 देवदार Deodar
60 धतूरा Datura
61 धूपचाया Cactus
62 ध्वज Rose
63 फूल Flower
64 फूलगोबी Cauliflower
65 फुलडोग Flowering Dogwood
66 फुलों की रानी Queen of Flowers
67 गांधराज Gandharaj
68 गेंदा Marigold
69 गुलबहार Bouquet
70 गुलाब का फूल Rose
71 हरिशंकर Lotus
72 हिंगोळ Jasmine
73 हिरवा चाफा Green Champa
74 हूपोडेंड्रन Hydrangea
75 इंडियन कोल्ली Indian Coleus
76 इंडियन बेल Indian Bael
77 जैस्मिन की बेला Jasmine
78 जैतून का फूल Olive
79 जौका Balsam
80 जाफ्रान Saffron
81 जुई Jasmine
82 जुजुब Jujube
83 कैमेलिया Camellia
84 कैमेलिया का फूल Camellia
85 कमल का फूल Lotus
86 कर्नट की बुद्दिंदा Currant
87 कर्कटक Crapemyrtle
88 कश्मीरी गुलाब Kashmiri Rose
89 केमेलिया Camellia
90 केन्द्युला Calendula
91 खजूर Date
92 खत्ती फूल Sour Flower
93 खुशबू गुलाब Fragrant Rose
94 खुदा की रहम God’s Mercy
95 गुलदाउद Sunflower
96 गुलकंद Rose Petal Jam
97 गुलजार Rose Garden
98 गुल चबुतरा Rose Birdhouse
99 गुलनार Pomegranate
100 गुलाबी चाफा Pink Champa
101 गुलाबी कनकम्बर Pink Golden Shower
102 गुलाबी गेंदा Pink Marigold
103 गुलाबी जैस्मिन Pink Jasmine
104 गुलाबी पैंट्स Pink Pants
105 गुलाबी चिमनी Pink China Rose
106 गुलाबी कमल Pink Lotus
107 गुलाबी गाँधी राजा Pink Gandharaj
108 गुलाबी बकूल Pink Mimusops elengi
109 गुलाबी पुष्प Pink Blossom
110 गुलाबी बेला Pink Jasmine
111 गुलाबी पंकज Pink Lotus
112 गुलाबी धतूरा Pink Datura
113 गुलाबी फूल Pink Flower
114 गुलाबी बलिहारी Pink Camellia
115 गुलाबी फूलों वाला गुलाब Rose with Pink Flowers
116 हिबिस्कस Hibiscus
117 होवर फ्लावर Hoverflower
118 जयपूरी बेला Jaipuri Jasmine
119 जोड़ी बेला Jodi Jasmine
120 बेला का फूल Jasmine
121 जौड़ी Hollyhock
122 जुई का फूल Jasmine
123 बनफूल Wildflower
124 बार्बेनियन Barbados Lily
125 बीज बलमुआ Balsam
126 बेल Jasmine
127 बेला फूल Jasmine
128 लिली Lily
129 लोटस Lotus
130 मरीगोल्ड Marigold
131 मोगरा Jasmine
132 मोतिया Pearl
133 नीलकुसुम Blue Lotus
134 नीलकंठ Indigo
135 पंखुड़ी Buttercup
136 पाटल Cotton
137 पंपरोस Pampas
138 पप्पली Papaya
139 पुन्नग Serpent
140 पुष्प Blossom
141 पुष्पांजलि Bouquet
142 राजनीगंधा Night-scented Jasmine
143 राजवृक्ष Royal Tree
144 रोज Rose
145 सदाबहार Evergreen
146 सफेदी Chrysanthemum
147 सफेद चमेली White Jasmine

Flowers Significance and uses

Their importance in nature is everywhere-they can feed insects, animals and humans. Besides feeding, flowers have several other uses.

  • Flowers are considered to be the best gifts suitable for every occasion.
  • Blossoms make decoration heavenly
  • Flowers make dishes more appealing.
  • Can release stress and anxiety.
  • Flowers make you look a lot more lovely.
  • Flowers are used for making perfumes having different fragrances like sweet, fruity, musky etc. depending on the pollination they are trying to attract
  • Since ages flowers have been used for medical purposes, aromatherapy and other healing purposes.

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Download Flowers Name Pdf List

Flowers name in hindi video




What are 20 flowers name?

Here is list of 20 flowers name
1.Rose 2. Lotus 3. Jasmine 4. Sunflower 5. Daisy 6. Tulip 7. Magnolia 8. Lavender 9.Balsam 10. Flax 11. Butterfly Pea 12. Crossandra 13. Golden Shower 14. Forest Ghost 15. Yellow Marigold 16. Pot Marigold 17.Star Jasmine 18. Night Blooming Jasmine 19. Jasminum Sambac 20. Crape Jasmine

What are names of flowers?

Here is List Of 20 Flowers Name. Rose , Lily , Jasmine , Lotus, Sunflower, Daisy, Tulip, Magnolia, Lavender.

What is the best flower name?

There Are Many Flowers In The World. But Here Is List Of Famous 20 Flowers Name.

Who is flower Queen?


Is mogra the same as Jasmine?

Yes. scientific name of mogra is jasmine.

Which is the largest flower in the world?

Rafflesia arnoldii

What is the most popular type of flower?

Rose Is World Most Popular Flowers Almost Used In Every Occasion.

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