40 Flowers Name In Hindi ( फूल का नाम )

40 Flowers Name In Hindi with image and details. We use flowers in any function or wedding and also used in the worship of God. But we don’t know the names of all the flowers. After reading this post you came to know the names of flowers in Hindi.

Here are 40 flower names in Hindi

No. Hindi English
1. गुलाब Gulab
2. मरीगोल्ड Marigold
3. सुनहरा Sunflower
4. चमेली Jasmine
5. गेंदा Marigold
6. लिली Lily
7. गुलमोहर Royal Poinciana
8. चंदन Sandalwood
9 कन्द Gladiolus
10 तुलसी Holy Basil
11 चूलहा Zinnia
12 चिकनी चमेली Night-flowering Jasmine
13 कुंवरा Bachelor’s Button
14 नरगिस Narcissus
15 फूलगोभी Cauliflower
16 गुलाबी रोशनी Dianthus
17 सफेद फूल White flower
18 बकुल Indian Medlar
19 बेला Jasmine
20 गुल-ए-मोहम्मद Four O’clock flower
21 जुई Indian Jasmine
22 जाई Hibiscus
23 कमल Lotus
24 खुशबूलता Sweet Pea
25 खट्टी बाँल Sourgrass
26 बचनेवाला फूल Snapdragon
27 बानफूल Marigold
28 राजनीगंधा Tuberose
29 सागरपान Sea Holly
30 सूर्यमुखी Sunflower
31 शाही फूल Royal Jasmine
32 शंखपुष्पी Bluebell
33 लाल फूल Red flowe
34 लिंगराज Bellflowe
35 अगस्ता August Lily
36 अनंत Indian Acanthus
37 अन्तरीक्ष Cosmos
38 अदरक Ginger Lily
39 अबोली China Rose
40 आशिका Sweet William

Flowers Name image

flowers name in hindi

Flowers Name Video In Hindi

You Can Easy learn Hindi Flowers Name In Video Below.

गुलाब (Rose)

40 flowers name in hindi Details

Rose is called as  गुलाब in Hindi. Rose is one of the most popular and beloved flowers in the world. It belongs to the Rosaceae family and has over a hundred species. Roses are native to Asia but are now cultivated in many parts of the world.

Red Rose Flower

चमेली (Jasmine)

Jasmine is called as चमेली in Hindi. चमेली (jasmine) has been used for liver disease. its color  normally white.

jamine flower

कमल (Lotus)

Lotus is called as कमल in Hindi and english name is Lotus. its national flower of India and Vietnam.

Lotus Flower

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