Cleaning and Maintaining Composite Decking

This article will help you clean and maintain composite decking. Try our simple methods for a fresh appearance.

Beautiful decks on your lawn may improve the look of your outside space.

Composite wood is the greatest grass decking material. It looks excellent, is resilient, and simple to maintain.

Composite decking requires less upkeep. It might become dusty or destroyed without proper care as an outdoor fixture.

How to clean and maintain composite decking? We covered it in this guide. Continue reading to keep your composite deck looking great!

What’s Composite Decking?

Let’s define composite decks before discussing the main topic. Those unfamiliar with such matters may find this information beneficial.

Decking is an outdoor floor-like surface. It is attached to the main home and built significantly higher. Plastic, wood, or composite deck spaces are common, but this article focuses on composite.

Composite decking is a wood deck, as the name implies. Composite wood is made from recycled plastic and natural wood fibres. The rustic appearance of wood and the durability of plastic make it a hybrid deck material.

Why Clean and Maintain Your Composite Deck?

Decking is an outside structure, as said. That renders it susceptible to rain and snow. Over time, heavy usage will cause dust, dirt, and mildew to build up on the deck.

Therefore, clean your deck to avoid difficulties. It requires less upkeep than pure wood or PVC decking, although it still needs some.

Composite Deck Cleaning Tools and Materials

You must collect all materials before cleaning. Check your decking material’s cleaning instructions first. That will prevent you from doing anything that might damage or invalidate your decking warranty.

After that, collect composite deck cleaning supplies. Below are the starting materials.

  • The bucket
  • Sprayer nozzles
  • A measuring cup brooms or deck brushes made of nylon
  • Leaf blower
  • Washer pressure
  • Sponge or cloth towels
  • A mild dish soap or composite deck cleanser bottle
  • Warm water

Make sure your broom or deck brush is medium-stiff. A soft-bristled brush won’t remove loose particles. A stiff-bristled broom may harm composite boards.

Washing deck planks with warm soapy water removes grime without a power washer. Only tough surface stains and filth need power washing composite decking.

Step-by-step composite deck cleaning

Cleaning may commence now that everything is in place. Follow the instructions below for this.

1. clearing the deck

Clear the deck first. You can clean without problems after this preparation.

To do this, remove any deck furniture and décor, including chairs, tables, potted plants, etc. Cover adjacent plants and furnishings around the deck.

2. sweep the deck

After clearing the deck, use a leaf blower and brush or broom to remove dried leaves. Remove loose dirt and debris from the surface. The cracks and crevices between composite decking boards collect most dirt, so pay particular attention to them.

3. Make Cleaning Solution

The process solution must now be prepared. Clean composite decking with warm soapy water. Mix soap and water in the right quantities in a bucket and stir.

The manufacturer’s cleaning instructions may suggest a special composite deck cleanser. Mix it well in a bucket before continuing.

4. Deck Cleaning

Scrub the deck using a brush or broom dipped in the cleaning solution. Remove dirt and grime effectively with the right pressure. Scrub until the decking is coated, then let it dry.

5. Water the Deck

Rinse soap and filthy water after the previous procedure. A clean composite deck requires washing the floor with a damp cloth or sponge before finishing.

Effective Composite Decking Maintenance Tips Professional Cleaning Deck

Here are some deck care suggestions to keep it looking fresh.

  • Keep dust and debris away by sweeping regularly.
  • Avoid pressure washing unless required.
  • Cover your deck while not in use or doing other outside maintenance.
  • Mud and footprints may be removed by spot cleaning.
  • Clean oil or food spills quickly with paper towels.

Avoiding Common Problems

Mould and mildew may form on composite decks. Rinse the area and scrape with soap or a light disinfectant to fix this. Keep your deck clean, dry, and sunny to deter them from returning.

Vinegar or another cleaning agent may swiftly remove difficult deck stains. Vinegar works well for hard water stains.

Cleaning chemicals can remove food and oil spill stains. By following our technique, you may prevent such stains.

Winter snow and ice may ruin your deck. After snowfall, use a plastic shovel to clean your deck.

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