Flower Names For Girls With Meaning

Flower names have long been a popular choice for parents looking for unique and meaningful names for their baby girls. Flowers have a natural beauty and elegance that can make them a perfect inspiration for naming a child.

There are a wide variety of flower names that can be used for girls, ranging from traditional and classic to more modern and trendy. Some of the most popular flower names for girls include Rose, Lily, Daisy, Iris, and Jasmine.

Famous Female Flower Name With Meaning

Rose is a timeless classic that has been a popular choice for generations. It is a symbol of love and beauty, and is often associated with delicate femininity. Lily is another classic choice that is often associated with purity and innocence. It has a sweet and delicate sound that makes it a popular choice for baby girls.

Daisy is a more playful and whimsical choice, and is often associated with happiness and joy. It has a simple and cheerful sound that can make it a great choice for a baby girl’s name. Iris is a more unusual choice that has a more exotic sound. It is a symbol of wisdom and courage, and can make a great choice for parents looking for something a little more unique.

Jasmine is a beautiful and fragrant flower that is often associated with exotic locations and romantic settings. It has a sweet and delicate sound that can make it a great choice for a baby girl’s name. Other popular flower names for girls include Violet, Poppy, Dahlia, Marigold, Holly, Zinnia, and Camellia.

flower names for girls

100 Flower Names For Girls

Here are 100 flower names for girls, arranged alphabetically:

  1.  Acacia – symbol of resurrection and immortality
  2. Acantha – thorny plant, symbolizing endurance and perseverance
  3. Aconite – symbol of hate and misanthropy
  4. Adelina – means “noble”, “kind”, or “tender”
  5. Ageratum – symbol of admiration and gratefulness
  6. Aglaia – means “splendor” or “radiance”
  7. Aileen – means “light”
  8. Aimee – means “beloved”
  9. Aisha – means “life” or “living”
  10. Aiyana – means “eternal blossom”
  11. Alba – means “white”
  12. Alyssa – means “noble” or “rational”
  13. Amaryllis – symbol of beauty and pride
  14. Ambrosia – means “food of the gods”
  15. Amelie – means “hardworking”
  16. Anemone – symbol of anticipation and fragile beauty
  17. Angelica – means “angelic” or “messenger”
  18. Anthea – means “flower” or “blossom”
  19. Arbor – means “tree”
  20. Arbutus – symbol of self-awareness and creativity
  21. Arwen – means “noble maiden”
  22. Aster – symbol of patience and love
  23. Astilbe – symbol of patience and endurance
  24. Aurora – means “dawn”
  25. Azalea – symbol of elegance and abundance
  26. Begonia – symbol of caution and individuality
  27. Belladonna – means “beautiful woman” 
  28. Blossom – symbol of youth and beauty
  29. Bluebell – symbol of humility and gratitude
  30. Blythe – means “happy” or “lively”
  31. Briar – symbol of protection and resilience
  32. Bryony – symbol of strength and determination
  33. Calla – means “beautiful” or “magnificent”
  34. Camellia – symbol of perfection and refinement
  35. Campanula – symbol of gratitude and humility
  36. Canna – symbol of confidence and courage
  37. Capucine – means “nun” 
  38. Carnation – symbol of love, admiration, and gratitude
  39. Cassia – means “cinnamon” or “spice”
  40. Cedar – symbol of strength and endurance
  41. Celeste – means “heavenly”
  42. Cerise – means “cherry”
  43. Cherry – symbol of femininity and love
  44. Chrysanthemum – symbol of friendship, loyalty, and longevity
  45. Cinnamon – symbol of warmth and comfort
  46. Clover – symbol of good luck and prosperity
  47. Columbine – symbol of beauty and strength
  48. Cornflower – symbol of loyalty and devotion
  49. Cosmos – symbol of love and innocence
  50. Crocus – symbol of youth and gladness
  51. Daffodil – symbol of new beginnings and rebirth
  52. Dahlia – symbol of elegance and dignity
  53. Daisy – symbol of innocence and purity
  54. Daphne – means “laurel” or “bay”
  55. Delphinium – symbol of dignity and grace
  56. Diantha – means “divine flower”
  57. Eden – means “paradise”
  58. Edelweiss – symbol of purity and courage
  59. Elder – symbol of transformation and renewal
  60. Eglantine – symbol
  61. Elodie – means “marsh flower”
  62. Erica – means “heather”
  63. Eryngium – symbol of strength and courage
  64. Esmeralda – means “emerald” or “green gemstone”
  65. Euphoria – means “intense happiness”
  66. Fleur – means “flower”
  67. Flora – means “flower” or “goddess of flowers”
  68. Forsythia – symbol of anticipation and hope
  69. Freesia – symbol of trust and innocence
  70. Gardenia – symbol of purity, grace, and beauty
  71. Geranium – symbol of gentility and esteem
  72. Gillyflower – symbol of loyalty and sincerity
  73. Giselle – means “pledge”
  74. Goldenrod – symbol of good fortune and success
  75. Hana – means “flower”
  76. Harper – means “harp player”
  77. Heather – symbol of admiration and good luck
  78. Hibiscus – symbol of beauty, femininity, and power
  79. Hollyhock – symbol of ambition and prosperity
  80. Honesty – symbol of honesty and integrity
  81. Honeysuckle – symbol of love, happiness, and generosity
  82. Hyacinth – symbol of love, happiness, and sincerity
  83. Hydrangea – symbol of gratitude and heartfelt emotions
  84. Iris – symbol of hope, courage, and wisdom
  85. Ivy – symbol of fidelity and loyalty
  86. Jacinta – means “hyacinth”
  87. Jasmine – symbol of grace, elegance, and sensuality
  88. Jessamine – means “jasmine”
  89. Jonquil – symbol of desire and affection
  90. Jubilee – means “a special anniversary or celebration”
  91. Juniper – symbol of protection and purification
  92. Kalina – means “viburnum” or “guelder rose”
  93. Kalmia – means “mountain laurel”
  94. Kiri – means “paulownia” or “empress tree”
  95. Larkspur – symbol of love, positivity, and grace
  96. Laurel – symbol of victory and honor
  97. Lavender – symbol of serenity, purity, and devotion
  98. Leilani – means “heavenly flower”
  99. Lilac – symbol of purity, innocence, and love
  100. Lily – symbol of purity, innocence, and new beginnings

Flower Names For Girls In Video

In addition to their natural beauty, flower names also have a deeper meaning and symbolism. For example, the lotus flower is often associated with spiritual awakening and enlightenment, while the sunflower is a symbol of loyalty and devotion.

Overall, flower names for girls can be a beautiful and meaningful choice for parents looking for a unique and special name for their baby girl. Whether you choose a classic or more modern flower name, these names can help to capture the natural beauty and elegance of the flower they are named after, and provide a lasting and meaningful legacy for your child.

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