Flowers Name In Marathi (20 फुलांचे नाव )

Flowers name in Marathi and English with images. We use flowers in any function or wedding and also used in the worship of God. But we don’t know the names of all the flowers. After reading this post you came to know the names of flowers in Marathi and English. You can also download flowers name list in Pdf File.

List Of फुलांचे नाव in Marathi Table Format

No. English Marathi Flowers
1. Rose गुलाब rose flower name in marathi
2. Lotus कमळ Lotus flower name in marathi
3. Jasmine कुंदा jamine flower
4. Sunflower सूर्यफूल sun flower name in marathi
5. Daisy डेझी daisy flower
6. Tulip तेजस्वी फूल tulip flower
7. Magnolia चंपा magnolia flower name in marathi
8. Lavender लॅव्हेंडर lavender flower
9. Balsam सुगंधी उटणे balsam flowers
10. Flax अंबाडी flax flowers
11. Butterfly Pea फुलपाखरू वाटाणा butterfly pea flowers
12. Crossandra अबोली crossandra flowers
13. Golden Shower बाहवा golden shower flowers
14. Forest Ghost वन भूत फूल forest ghost flowers
15. Yellow Marigold झेंडू yellow marigold flower name in marathi
16. Pot Marigold गुले अशर्फ़ी pot marigold flower name in marathi
17. Star Jasmine रातराणी star jasmine flower
18. Night Blooming Jasmine रात्री उमलणारे चमेलीचे night blooming jasmine flower name in marathi
19. Jasminum Sambac मोगरा jasminum sambac flowers
20. Crape Jasmine तगर crape jasmine flowers

List Of Flowers Name In Marathi

You Can Also Download This Flowers image where we mention 10 Marathi flowers with images and English.

flowers name in marathi

फुलांचे नाव video


Rose is called as  गुलाब in Marathi . It is most used flower among all the flowers to express love and other feelings and emotions.

Red Rose Flower


Jasmine is called as कुंदा in Marathi. कुंदा (jasmine) has been used for liver disease. its color  normally white.

jamine flower


Lotus is called as कमळ in Marathi and scientific name is Nelumbo nucifera. its national flower of India and Vietnam.

Lotus Flower


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