Overwatch 2: Our Top Skin Picks For 2024

Overwatch 2 continues to be a fashion show amidst the futuristic battles. While mastering abilities is crucial, looking good on the battlefield holds a certain weight. We are going to let you know about different Overwatch 2 skins that you should get for your Overwatch 2 characters. 

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Legendary Skins

  • Masked Crusader Genji (Genji): This new design gives the ninja an appearance using a combination of elegant black and gold tones. The OW2 updated mask and shining details add an aura of intrigue and strength, enhancing Genjis presence as he swiftly defeats his foes.
  • Baihu Mercy (Mercy): This Overwatch 2 skin transforms the angelic healer into a majestic white tiger spirit. The flowing white hair, intricate armor details, and glowing wings make Baihu Mercy a sight to behold. This skin perfectly complements Mercy’s graceful movements and supportive playstyle.
  • Blackwatch Reyes (Reaper): Take a glimpse into Reaper’s past with this Blackwatch Overwatch 2 skin. Ditch the edgy black attire and embrace a tactical grey and black uniform with glowing accents. 
  • Chronoton D.Va (D.Va): This futuristic skin gives Overwatch 2 D.Va’s mech a chrome makeover. The glowing blue accents and overall streamlined design make Chronoton D.Va Overwatch 2 appear like a machine straight out of science fiction. Pair this skin with D.Va’s energetic personality for an unforgettable entrance.
  • Sandstorm Cassidy (Cassidy): Embrace the Wild West with this rugged Sandstorm skin. Gone are the sleek synthetics, replaced by a weathered duster coat and a wide-brimmed hat. This Overwatch 2 skin complements Cassidy’s gunslinger persona perfectly, making him look like a seasoned outlaw ready to draw.

Epic Rarity

Looking for something stylish without breaking the bank? These epic Overwatch 2 skins offer a great balance between affordability and visual appeal:

  • Shiver Sombra (Sombra): This Overwatch 2 skin gives Sombra a festive makeover with a wintery theme. The purple and white color scheme, the fluffy scarf, and the glowing blue accents create a unique and playful look for the Overwatch 2 hacker hero.
  • Bastet Pharah (Pharah): Embrace the goddess within with this Bastet Overwatch 2 skin for Pharah. The golden accents, flowing headdress, and intricate armor details transform Pharah into a celestial warrior, making her soar through the battlefield with elegance.
  • Officer D.Va (D.Va): Channel your inner traffic cop with this humorous Officer Overwatch 2 D.Va skin. The pink and white police mech with a giant flashing siren makes a hilarious statement. 

Beyond the Skins

  • Loot Boxes: While not the most targeted method, loot boxes offer a chance to unlock various cosmetic items, including Overwatch 2 skins. These can be earned through gameplay or purchased with real money credits.
  • Hero Gallery: Use your hard-earned credits directly to purchase specific Overwatch 2 skins you desire from the Hero Gallery.

With a little exploration and these recommendations, you’ll be slaying enemies in style in no time!

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