Jailer Rajinikanth a Good Masala Film - Review

What’s Good

The filmmaker is elevating the Rajinikanth phenomenon to new heights with a blueprint that goes beyond mere fan service, aiming to create something truly substantial and meaningful.

What’s Bad

The film adopts some overly convenient plot developments that diminish the overall atmosphere.

Loo Break

The midpoint of the film provides a respite, as the narrative doesn't reach a point where it becomes unbearable to continue watching.

Watch or Not?

Approach this film as a Rajinikanth admirer with a clean slate. While his signature action-packed entry is sidelined, Nelson's innovative depiction of the superstar shines.


Tamil (with subtitles in selected theatres).

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168.47 Minutes.

Collection Till Now

The gross collection of Jailer is 49 crores

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