Jake Paul Vs Nate Diaz

Round 1

Now Jake lands two lefts. Nate’s hurt. Nate throws a couple of jabs Jake 10, Nate 9

Round 2

Nate initiates with an aggressive approach, yet the situation evolves into a clinch .Jake lands a combo Jake 20, Nate 18

Round 3

Nate advances, prompting Jake to counter with a well-placed uppercut that connects. Jake 30, Nate 27

Round 4

Nate seems inclined to engage in a clinch, yet Jake is quick to counter with a series of uppercuts. Jake 39, Nate 37

Round 5

Nate appears to be struggling once more. He reaches out towards Jake and starts throwing punches. In a playful move, Jake sticks his tongue out at Nate. Jake 49, Nate 45

Round 6

Jake starts with two powerful shots. Nate manages to land a left punch, but it lacks significant force. Jake 59, Nate 54

Round 7 & 8

Jake jolts Nate awake with another rapid series of punches.Diaz is keeping the pressure on, but Jake is delivering the more forceful punches. Jake 78, Nate 73

Round 9 & 10

 Nate is aware that he needs a knockout to win. He communicates with the crowd, and then Jake launches an attack. Jake 98, Nate 91